How to Beat Email Spam With 10 Minute Mail

How to Beat Email Spam With 10 Minute Mail

There’s nothing more annoying than a mailbox full of spam, have you ever wondered how to beat email spam? While more and more businesses these days are opting for professional services like Office 365, some are still sticking to their ad-filled yahoo mail account, and then they further end up getting more ads and spam in their mailbox. Mainly because free mail services have no comparable benefit to professional services like Gsuite or Office365; you are paying to limit the amount of spam in your mailbox. If you’re not a business, you typically are using a free mail service, like Gmail or Outlook. So, if you’re one of those businesses who haven’t yet opted for professional email or you’re just a regular internet user, and you’re annoyed of those spam emails, there’s one way to beat them which won’t hurt the wallet.

TIP: Don’t just give your email everywhere, instead use a disposable email when you sign up for that not-so-sure website.

There is a service call 10-minute mail, and it has been online for many years now, it’s undoubtedly one of the easiest and exciting ways to beat email spam. 10-minute mail lets you grab a free disposable email, which you have for ten minutes, that’s it. No more, no less. 

So how easy is it to set up?

Here is how you beat email spam

1. Head over to

2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, copy that email and use it wherever you need to within the next ten minutes.  

3. That’s it!

The website automatically generates a disposable email for you when you visit. It tracks your time for 10 minutes, even if you close the browser and re-open it.

These temporary quick emails could save you a lot of trouble.

Many blogs and websites these days offer you free stuff if you sign up with them and others you are unable to read without subscribing to their email list. If you keep subscribing to every other website/blog you come across, your inbox is bound to be jammed up in a week. 

So, why not use a disposable email?

how to beat email spam


Random Email Address: The website offers a random email address generated automatically and doesn’t require any registration. The email is valid for the next 10 minutes and by default, becomes invalid afterwards.

Inbox: You have a mail inbox from where you can reply or forward messages to any other email. The email can be used to accept any verification email from registering in other websites.

Extra Time: You may need an additional 10 minutes, so click on the ’10 minutes more’ option. You can extend the timeline every 10 minutes for as long as you want.

Recovery: Once your time expires, you can recover your mailbox before being removed from the system.

User-Friendly: 10-minute mail is a great tool that can is accessible via a browser, Android or iOS platforms. It is also mobile-friendly.

Easy ways how to beat email spam


Indeed, it is a great handy tool that can be easily used to keep the spam at bay. It is a quick way to get a disposable email. The domain name sounds non-generic but serves the purpose.

But if you’re looking for professional email services like Office365 or Gsuite, you can get in touch with us.

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