Why you should keep your Operating System and Software updated

Why you should keep your Operating System and Software updated

If you have been on any operating system, now and then you receive an update to install and consistently get notifications to download these updates. The first common instinct is to ignore these notifications and keep on running your computer and software the way it is. It is human nature to be opposed to change, so why should you keep a computer and other software updated?

Here are a few reasons why you should update your operating system and other software on your personal or work computer:

Keeping your software updated means that you can move past glitches and enjoy your software even much more.


Most software is a work in progress throughout its lifespan. Once the first version launches, recommendations from users for new features or bugs that are found begin and updates follow shortly after. Software companies will always be working on the product and will intermittently release updates.

Another benefit of updating your software and windows is to patch up security flaws.

While using any software, the likelihood of vulnerabilities should always be expected. Hackers are consistently writing code that can exploit different vulnerabilities of software. To combat this issue, software companies work around the clock and subsequently release updates. Therefore, choosing not to update your operating system or software means that you have decided to open yourself up to attacks.

Anti-virus works hard, but hackers work harder.

There are several times when you will be exposed to malicious risks; it is common. These risks will not just affect you; they will be transferred to others. Anti-virus software does help to an extent but prolongs the inevitable. Consistently updating your software will keep your files secure and minimize your risk online. Allowing you to rest easy, knowing you are fully protected.

For every update, there is something new it has to offer. From a more friendly user interface to security fixes or even new fonts and commands. Besides not being protected, choosing not to update your software means that you will miss out on these amazing features.

Do you know that some software could stop working should you refuse to update them after a while? The longer you wait, the higher the risk. It is your responsibility to be protected online as the software companies can only help you up to a certain point. Prepare to be bombarded with pop up notifications asking you to update. If you want to avoid all of that, update your software.

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