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Whether it comes from a technology failure, a natural disaster, or just user error, SiRON Managed Backup and Recovery Services restores business continuity fast.

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How do you store your data?

A Crucial Component of Your Layered Security Strategy

Information needs to be stored, and managing its storage is critical for any business, both large and small. So how do you decide what storage option is best for you? You will want to consider your storage needs in terms of both capacity and physical location, where do you want to store your information? SiRON always looks at the storage options that best fit those needs. We will work with you and develop and implement a plan for your chosen cloud storage solutions.


A Crucial Component of Your Layered Security Strategy

Using several layers of preventive defences will protect you from most IT security threats, but you could still be vulnerable to hardware failures, acts of nature, and newly emerging malware. Any of these can wreak havoc on a business’s bottom line. SiRON’s Backup & Recovery Solutions helps return all systems to safe states, making it essential to a strong layered security strategy and potentially saving millions for businesses.

Our Bare Metal DR is an entire cloud backup and disaster recovery solution to fully protect your server and data environment and ensures minimal to no downtime in the event of an on premise physical or virtual machine failure. From an individual file to a total bare metal restore of an entire server – recovery is just minutes away.

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File Sharing

Enabling IT to deliver a secure file-sharing service​

Share, store, sync, and secure files on any device, anywhere…

Citrix ShareFile enables users to securely share files and data with anyone, and sync files across all of their devices. Unlike consumer file sync and sharing tools, ShareFile enables IT to deliver an enterprise-class file sharing service that secures intellectual property while delivering the service users expect.

  • Management and control of file and data sharing service
  • Audit and report on system and file sharing activity
  • “Remote wipe” in case a user device is lost or stolen
  • Granular, delegated administration for optimal efficiency and control
  • Support for integrating with Active Directory via SAML or Citrix CloudGateway

Empowering Users​

As a leader in mobile workstyle solutions, Citrix enables secure workshifting strategies of all kinds, from part-time and full-time telework, to office-sharing and hoteling, to comprehensive business continuity. Citrix workshifting solutions, based on virtualization, online collaboration and secure file sharing lets organizations:

  • Store and sync files across all your devices– mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktop
  • Securely and easily share files with anyone within or outside the organization
  • Integrate ShareFile into workflow tools, such as Microsoft Outlook®
  • Offline access to files and data
  • Support for sending large files up to 100 GB in size