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Data Both On-Prem and On-Cloud

Recover Data in Minutes

Total Peace of Mind

When the disaster happens how will you respond? 
Whether it comes from a technology failure, a natural disaster, or just user error. SiRON Managed Backup and Recovery Services restores business continuity fast.

How do you store your data?

Information needs to be stored, and managing its storage is critical for any business, both large and small. So how do you decide what storage option is best for you? You will want to consider your storage needs in terms of both capacity and physical location, where do you want to store your information? SiRON always looks at the storage options that best fit those needs. We will work with you and develop and implement a plan for your chosen storage solutions.

A Crucial Component of Your Layered Security Strategy

Using several layers of preventive defenses will protect you from most IT security threats, but you could still be vulnerable to hardware failures, acts of nature, and newly emerging malware. Any of these can wreak havoc on a business’s bottom line. SiRON’ss Backup & Recovery Solutions helps return all systems to safe states, making it essential to a strong layered security strategy and potentially saving millions for businesses.

Our Bare Metal DR is an entire cloud backup and disaster recovery solution to fully protect your server and data environment and ensures minimal to no downtime in the event of an on premise physical or virtual machine failure. From an individual file to a total bare metal restore of an entire server – recovery is just minutes away.

Assess The State Of Your Data and Storage :

  • Where is your data stored?
  • Do you have at least 3 copies of your data? Server, On-Prem and Cloud Backup
  • Is there a lot of duplicate or stale data?
  • Is all of your data business-related?
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