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In the global economy, it is critical that as a business you are continuously improving your processes and technologies and coping with ongoing change, whether transforming your business to take advantage of new market opportunities or restructuring to improve operational efficiency. There is the added responsibility of responding to new regulations and working to mitigate risks. With all these changes you require a rapid, proven, and agile response, which ensures that the right processes and technologies are in place to enable you to compete and meet your customer’s ever-changing needs.
With SiRON Consulting, you have the expertise needed to find efficiencies, drive revenue and in turn grow your business. Our approach to Managed Services is unique in that we take the time to learn about your business and to listen to end users at different levels of your business, in order to design effective and efficient solutions.
With over 25 years of industry experience and training, our certified consultants and project managers will provide a solution that is right for your business.


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Are you ready to migrate your on-premise or hosted email environment, but not sure where to start?
We provide flexible Email Migration options to help meet your technical and budget requirements.
Let us manage the process and benefit from our expert consulting services to make your email migration easy and successful.
Our team of skilled and experienced professionals works closely with our clients to define strategies and evaluate, design, develop and implement the systems and processes that best achieve their objectives.
Our expertise in all facets of our client’s business and technology environments enables us not only to consult but to implement and manage projects.

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SiRON offers the full range of IT services, from strategic IT Consulting, IT Outsourcing, and Systems Integration, to Managed Services. We also provide technical and end-user training to our clients, ensuring implemented solutions are effectively maximized.
Our flexible consultative approach guarantees that short-term or long-term goals are achieved. We provide the professional resources you need regardless of your staffing or IT challenges. We work closely with our clients to maximize available resources and determine the re-allocation of resources as necessary.


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Risk Assessment

Through a comprehensive and systematic analysis, we can identify deficiencies and long-standing problems that have gone unnoticed and over time deteriorated the system’s stability and performance.
Assessments provide a vital overview of your systems and IT operations looking at the technology from the ground up. They help identify any early signs of problems and long-standing issues which may be impeding your systems and operations.
Through a comprehensive analysis of your IT operations and not just the technology, we identify any holes in existing operations and procedures which can further lead to unnecessary risks and exposures. You take your car in for a regular check-up, can you really afford to skip on something as important as your technology?

The assessment process compares the existing environment and operational plans against Microsoft’s and other vendors’ best practices. In addition, the assessment includes recommendations that provide a clear roadmap to remediate any deficiencies and risks identified within the system. Let us help you put your mind at ease while also identifying any potential threats developing within the system before they have a chance to develop into actual problems.


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Proper IT management requires much more than a basic understanding of technology, it requires business acumen; the ability to identify business needs, and ensure that investments of today prepare you for tomorrow.
With years of experience in deploying critical business applications and ERP systems, SiRON has the experience and knowledge necessary to deliver projects on time and within budget without negatively impacting business operations. With proper planning and a multi-tiered approach to all deployments, we eliminate potential risks that can cripple progress.
Whether you are building a new solution or upgrading an existing one, SiRON can help you along the way and provide you with peace of mind knowing that things will go well. At SiRON, we only take on projects that we have direct experience with and are confident we can deliver without any issues or delays.
Our reputation is very important to us and we do what we can to ensure that each experience is a positive one. We don’t take unnecessary risks and neither should you.

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SQL Health &
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SiRON’s SQL Health and Risk Assessment uses Microsoft Best Practice Recommendations to analyze and assess the SQL infrastructure from the ground up. We look at components which may affect certain areas of the system and ensure that the system adheres to those best practices. The process looks at the following but not limited to high level:

Backend infrastructure which provides the foundation on which the platform (operating system) and SQL is built on.

Windows platform:

SQL Server:

SQL Injection Vulnerabilities

SQL Injection is one of the most common web attack mechanisms used by hackers to steal data from organizations. Even the least likely candidates like VISA, Yahoo and world banks have been hacked using this attack method. It essentially allows an attacker to inject SQL commands by inserting rouge commands into a file like a login or contact form on your site in order to allow them to gain access to the data held within the database. Using these rouge commands, attackers can cause the SQL backend to return data such as client information and other confidential data. In some cases, attackers can gain unrestricted access to the entire system.

Let us help ensure your organization is protected against vulnerabilities that could cause exposure and damage your firms reputation, possibly leading to legal action.






One of the leading causes in performance degradation can be attributed to storage problems. Over the past years, processors and memory has made giant leaps forward while the storage remained relatively same. Drives are still 15K with same performance attributes, they only got bigger. Recently Solid State Disks started to change this however, unfortunately they are far too expensive for most organizations.
One of the most common mistakes we see is organizations buying storage based on size. Marketing campaigns target the weakness points for most organizations providing most space for the lowest cost. The real question is, “what good is all that space if you can’t use it?”.

By overloading your SAN, the systems become unstable resulting in system wide delays and degraded operations. SiRON’s Storage Health Check pinpoints and identifies any bottlenecks that may exist within the existing storage system. Whether you are buying a new storage unit and need expert advice or looking to resolve the problems with your existing storage unit, SiRON can help you achieve your goals.

Storage Services

SiRON provides number of invaluable services to help guide you through your storage challenges. From basic advice to operational health checks, we can help you overcome any storage related challenge.

Application front end (server side)

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