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As a Microsoft Partner, we can help answer your questions about Office 365, Intune, Microsoft CRM Online and Windows Azure.   From initial planning through to purchasing and integration, we can help you along the way.  We are a one-stop-shop for all you Microsoft needs. 

Office 365 provides incredible RIO and relives you of the burden of managing and maintaining these mission critical systems.  With Lync and SharePoint services included, your organization will become connected like never before.  Whether you are small firm looking for enterprise grade service at fraction of the cost of regular service or Enterprise size organization looking to enhance your systems, security, reliability and reduce costs, Office 365 may be for you. 

With your purchase of Office 365, your users will be licensed for up to 5 different office deployments and can install office on their home PCs, Work laptops and other secondary devices.

Windows Intune

Unified Infrastructure – Manage PCs and multiple types of mobile devices in one unified solution, either through the cloud or by extending your existing on-premises infrastructure.

Intune manages all your end point devices protecting them against malware and through policy based restrictions and managment. Support multiple devices with Windows Intune including Windows RT, Windows Phone 8, iOS, and Android platforms, without adding infrastructure.