Storage Optimization

Heath Checks

Performance Analysis

Capacity Planning

Stress Testing

One of the leading causes in performance degradation can be attributed to storage problems. Over the past years, processors and memory has made giant leaps forward while the storage remained relatively same. Drives are still 15K with same performance attributes, they only got bigger. Recently Solid State Disks started to change this however, unfortunately they are far too expensive for most organizations.

One of the most common mistakes we see is organizations buying storage based on size. Marketing campaigns target the weakness points for most organizations providing most space for the lowest cost.  The real question is, “what good is all that space if you can’t use it?”.

By overloading your SAN, the systems become unstable resulting in system wide delays and degraded operations. SiRON’s Storage Health Check pinpoints and identifies any bottlenecks that may exist within the existing storage system. Whether you are buying a new storage unit and need expert advice or looking to resolve the problems with your existing storage unit, SiRON can help you achieve your goals.

Storage Services

SiRON provides number of invaluable services to help guide you through your storage challenges.  From basic advice to operational health checks, we can help you overcome any storage related challenge. 

Some of the services offered are:

  • Storage Health Check
  • Performance Analysis and Tuning
  • Stability of the system and protection
  • Backups and recovery efficiency
  • Replication, High Availability & Disaster Recovery
  • Stress Testing and Benchmarking
  • Capacity planning
  • Strategic Advice and Assistance Purchasing